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Mo Froud – Acupuncturist


 I started seeing Mo in February 2013 after being recommended to me by midwives at my local hospital. We had being trying to concieve our first child for 2 years and  had so far been unsuccessful. I was waiting to be referred for fertility treatment. The first time I saw Mo she was really understanding and instantly made me feel at ease. I felt she was someone who could really help me get back on track. She made me feel relaxed about the acupuncture process and I was not anxious at all. I had previously had a couple of acupuncture sessions, but they had been painful and not relaxing at all. Mo was not like this at all, I felt really relaxed and she was gentle when putting in the needles, any that I wasnt comfortable with she adjusted them carefully. She also discused diet and other things that my husband and I could do to increase our chances of having a child. I saw Mo every other week and she was also very supportive during our IVF treatment. Unfortunately our two IVF attempts were unsuccsessful, however Mo focused on getting me back on track and getting my body to become a more suitable environment for a baby to grow. My husband and I decided to take a break from the IVF treatment and emotional stress of the whole process. However at the beginning of September, 2013 I was estactic to discover that I was pregnant. I only checked because I was going to see Mo that evening, she was the first one I told! She used safe points throughout my pregnancy and I completely believe that the acupuncture has helped my pregnancy progress as smoothly as it has so far.I have not had any morning sickness or other of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that many women go through. I have just been able to enjoy being pregnant. I will continue to see Mo throughout my pregnancy and afterwards as the benefits have been so noticable. Towards the end of my pregnancy Mo has spent time with both my husband and myself to help teach us acupressure points that will help relieve pain in labour. Mo has always been accomodating with appointments and has been so supportive throughout our fertility journey, my husband and I are so lucky and cannot wait to meet our baby really soon.

Kirsty – May 2014


I can thoroughly recommend Mo as an acupuncturist for fertility issues. I had been trying to conceive for over 18 months when I came for my first appointment and within a month I was pregnant!
I had been recording when I ovulated and after the acupuncture the timing problems I had were corrected. I am now a complete convert as to the benefits of acupuncture, and I am convinced that Mo saved me from having to resort to more invasive (and expensive) medical fertility treatments.
I am now 6 months pregnant and everything has gone so well. I have experienced very few of the negative effects of pregnancy and all of my tests/measurements have been perfect.
Mo is extremely knowledgeable and always explains the rationale behind any treatment. It is lovely to sit down and talk to someone who really listens and cares what’s been going on with. The treatments can work on all areas of the body (e.g. the digestive system, hormonal and emotional issues).
I find my sessions really relaxing. It’s not a problem having the needles put in and you can barely feel them once they are in place. As someone who usually finds it hard to switch off I was surprised to find that I actually fell asleep during one session. The Body Matters treatment rooms offer a relaxing and peaceful environment, with lots of soft blankets and relaxing music if you feel like it.
I would advise anyone to go for it and make an appointment.

Anna – May 2014




Mo Froud treated me before my pregnancy and during to great effect. I always felt more balanced, calm, and energised after the acupuncture. As my due date approached my husband and I booked in for a joint appointment so Mo could show us the Acupresuure points which were apparently effective for pain relief during labour, I have to say I was dubious, having been through a natural childbirth before I was well versed in what a contraction felt like!!! However we spent about one hour learning the techniques and I thought I would give them a try. 10 Days overdue I was elated when my waters broke and I laboured into the night, I was unsure if I was actually in labour as I harly felt any pain at all. During this time my husband was using two of the lower back acupressure points. A home birth at 2 minutes apart my husband really thought we should get the midwife in but I was still unsure and asked him to keep pressing the points. At 6.00am my eldest daughter woke up and my husband had to go and prepare her to leave with a friend at which point I REALLY felt the contractions. I had no pressure point relief for about an hour and the difference was huge.when my daughter was collected my husband could return to apply the pressure points what a relief. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!! I also cannot recommend Mo highly enough too, compassionate, kind helpful, professional and with a wealth of experience- she is the lady to see pre/during and post pregnancy. A true acupuncture gem.

Georgina – April 2014


I have been going for acupuncture with Mo for three years, she has helped me so much, in the beginning I went to her for a back problem, I was in a lot of pain, and within three treatments, it was feeling much better, and I was walking much more easily! since then I have been going for treatments every other week, Mo has helped me so much with stress, anxiety and digestive problems! I am now as an added bonus, sleeping so much better, after years of sleep problems! I would recommend this lovely caring lady to anyone, she has definitely changed my life!

Sue – May 2014


I have been having acupuncture with Mo regularly for two years and she has successfully helped me with so many different issues from halting and easing the common cold and viruses; preventing migraines to regulating my periods and considerably easing the pain from my condition of endometriosis. Mo is calm and caring and is a very good listener and offers useful, constructive  suggestions in return. As Mo is so skilled you are hardly aware of the needles  being inserted and are very quickly in a highly relaxed state and often drift off to a refreshing sleep. I often enter feeling very lethargic and stressed and end the session extremely energised yet relaxed. Mo’s acupuncture sessions are an emotional and physical ” life restorer” and I  can wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Annabel – May 2014


I first came to see Mo Froud at The Heeler Centre in September 2011 having suffered a miscarriage in 2010 and struggling to get pregnant again.  Mo Immediately put me at ease and we started our fertility acupuncture journey, I have never looked back.  Mo advised me on diet, lifestyle and exercise, now four months later with regular treatments I am happy so say we are expecting a baby boy and he is due in July 2012.

I still go and see Mo every other week because it makes me feel safe with my pregnancy. Mo’s treatment method is a most pleasant and relaxing experience and my Mum now goes to see Mo weekly (not for fertility.)  Even after the birth I will go along to see Mo every month probably forever.  It just remains to say thank you so much we owe you so much.

 M Hale, Burgess Hill April 2012


Thank you so much for all the acupuncture  treatments you gave me during my pregnancy  and for the fabulous advice  and tutorials on the acupressure  points to use during labour, the lower back ones worked a treat. honestly contractions took on a whole new meaning!!!  

Every women should know about these points.